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The Mission of the Bachelor of Science in Network Engineering is to prepare students with the necessary skills for entry-level IT positions. The program is focused on current industry competencies to provide students the opportunity to learn and understand trends driving the IT industry. The program also seeks to prepare students to become professionals who can install, troubleshoot, and maintain computer networks. A strong emphasis is placed on key topics such as network management, system administration, and security concepts necessary for introductory positions in the computer network industry. Upon completion, students are expected to possess the necessary skills and techniques using modern tools to administer computer networks.

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What exactly do network engineers do?

Network engineering is an excellent role as it gives you so many different opportunities. There is a range of qualifications you can achieve to become the best candidate for any role. You have to remember that as a network engineer you are one of the most valuable people in the business. You are as important as the computer network itself, without you the company would have no network, so you have to be on top of your game when analyzing the business network and fixing any issue that may arise. The role will always be interesting as you experience new technologies and consistently work to make the network better.

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Network engineers work with computer networks within companies. Using a range of technology to may platforms for all employees to use. Network complexity will depend on the size of the business you end up working for.

Network engineers are critical to most large organizations as you will need to understand the network that’s being used inside out. You will need good analytics skills; you will be working with complex network systems to diagnose and find any issues within the network.

You could be asked to create blueprints for communication networks and must make sure that all networks created work to a high standard.