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The Mission of the Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications program is to provide a knowledge base for managers and technology professionals concerned with the design, development, implementation, operation, and management of telecommunications systems and networks. The courses offer theoretical knowledge and practical skills in a variety of modern communication networks. In addition, the students are introduced to the ethical, legal, and policy aspects within the networking and telecommunications professional fields. Upon completion of the program, the graduates are expected to be able to design, deploy, and maintain high quality modern telecommunications systems and networks, and manage the telecommunications and networking teams within an organization.

Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunication Engineering

A Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Telecommunications Engineering Technology is a four-year program that either builds on an A.A.S. in Engineering Technology or entered into as a standalone degree program. This program is designed to prepare its graduates for competitive entry into the engineering technology workforce with practical knowledge of existing telecommunications systems. Students wishing to enter a program without the benefit of an associate’s degree will need to either demonstrate transcripts or expect to take substantial prerequisite courses in mathematics, physical science, and communications. Contact individual programs for details.

A B.S. in Telecommunications Engineering Technology is heavily weighted in mathematics and science, in addition to the traditional general education requirements. Students expect to take numerous classes in statistics, calculus, physics, trigonometry and differential equations. Within the engineering technology major, the required core courses include:

  • Network management
  • Computer networking
  • Engineering ethics
  • Satellite transmission concepts

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