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Located just a few miles from the nation’s capital, our campus is home to students from various countries. Northern Virginia is one of the most diverse regions of the country.

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Kurdistan, Iraq

Stratford University is committed to delivering quality education to students in Kurdistan, Iraq. This initiative is part of the University vision to deliver project-centric, career-focused education globally. The University has established a residential presence in Kurdistan. The initial step in the process was the launching of the Stratford Language Institute and introducing the foundation programs in the capital city of Erbil. This site is delivering both English language and academic foundation classes as a means to prepare Kurdistan students for successful completion of post-secondary academic programs. Stratford University intends to establish a fully-accredited branch location once all US accreditation requirements are met and approved by all regulatory stakeholders. Students from Kurdistan will be accepted into Stratford University academic programs in either Erbil or America, after successful completion of the Stratford foundation programs and meeting other admission requirements.